thelightshines are ten hands bringing you shimmering jangles, sunshine harmonies, guitars, sitars and half-remembered memories. 

Formed from a solo project of the same name, thelightshines released their first single in November 2012 on the legendary Great Pop Supplement label. Released to critical acclaim, and quickly selling out, the Soul to Skin / Love, The Amnesiac single offered a glimpse into the band's lush melodic orientation.

The band spent the following year in the studio, recording their debut album Now The Sandman SingsA celebratory record, Now The Sandman Sings weaves a symphonic tapestry with influences taken from west coast pop, the paisley underground scene, melancholia, psychedelia, the blues, Indian classical music and folk.

The album was released via The Great Pop Supplement on limited edition split blue and clear vinyl in November 2014 and sold out within 48 hours. In May 2015, thelightshines released 'We Are The Sun LP' a split album release with Chatham Rise, again to much acclaim.


“honeyed dreampop with heavenly jangling guitars” –

“…a UK band that has a surface similarity with the Allah-La’s as far as 60s jangly psych pop influences. There’s even 80s and 90s elements with The Rain Parade, Shack and Spacemen 3, but also some Middle Eastern melodies and Popol Vuh that make them much more captivating than their peers.” –

“a big amorphous psychedelic pile of sound which crystallises into Ride-like chunks of fuzzgaze” –

“thelightshines do an incredible job of walking the tightrope between jangly, psychedelic pop and some incredibly out-there trippiness.” – Dispatches From The Panda Room