It's been a while....

After a very quiet 2016 we will be back in the studio shortly to record our follow-up to Now The Sandman Sings and there is also a homemade concept folk album which is taking shape. We hope to share some sounds with you all soon.

In the meantime we have discovered some more copies of We Are The Sun (both LP and CD formats) and have put these up for sale for those of you who may not have got your hands on a copy yet.

Keep your ears peeled....


Spring Update

We've been a bit quiet recently, predominantly because of some other commitments with a certain cosmic country group who are doing the rounds. However, we are about to recommence the recording a next record.

Concurrently, we're also in the process of recording another, shorter record - which you can expect to hear something from shortly. Keep your ears peeled...

The Seven Steps To Slumber

Whilst the second half of 2015 may have seemed quiet, thelightshines have been busy in the studio working on their second album, tentatively titled The Seven Steps To Slumber, at Bark Studio in Walthamstow, London - continuing their work with engineer and producer Brian O'Shaughnessy.

Loosely conceived of as a sonic journey through the dreams of a sleeping protagonist thelightshines are already nearing completion on a third of the album's tracks with work already being undertaken on a further six songs.

The band hope to be able to share some sounds in the spring of 2016 with a full album release pencilled for later in the year.

Back in the studio....

We're delighted to announce that we'll be heading back into the veritable Bark Studio this weekend to begin working on the follow up to Now The Sandman Sings. We're hoping to complete the record by early 2016, with a release date scheduled for later in the year. Tentatively entitled 'The Seven Steps to Slumber', the record will explore some stranger sounds than our debut.

In the meantime, Now The Sandman Sings is still available to download and we still have the last few copies of our split LP with Chatham Rise, We Are The Sun, available via our store.


Summer Update

Whilst all may seem quiet, we are presently working on songs for our next album with some recording pencilled in for the late summer. It's shaping up to be an incredibly exciting project and looks like it's going to be both more varied and more extreme than Now The Sandman Sings.

At present our only summer show is scheduled for Wednesday 1 July, where we will be supporting the wonderful White Noise Sound. The show is free with an RSVP (full details available here). Hopefully we'll be playing a selection of new songs.

In the meantime we still have the last few copies of the second pressing of Now The Sandman Sings available to purchase from our shopand copies of We Are The Sun, our split album with the wonderful Chatham Rise, are also available to pre-order from the shop.


We Are The Sun LP

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming split 12" album with the wonderful Chatham Rise.

Released via Picture In My Ear Records, We Are The Sun features four songs from each band. We are especially pleased to able to include To Fall Into Your Arms, a song recorded during the Now The Sandman Sings sessions and an alternative version of Hanging Around. In addition we have included Sunshine In My Head and Meditations On Death, two songs which we are delighted to finally be able to commit to a physical release. All have been remastered for this special release, and we will shortly be taking pre-orders for vinyl and CD from our online store.

Meadowsweet by Chatham Rise and Sunshine In My Head are both available to preview here.


Good news...

Now The Sandman Sings will be repressed by The Great Pop Supplement and should be landing at thelightshines HQ in January 2015.

In the meantime, the download is still available to purchase via our shop.