We Are The Sun - CD

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We Are The Sun LP.jpg

We Are The Sun - CD


We Are The Sun CD
Chatham Rise / thelightshines

Split LP with Chatham Rise on CD.
Expected shipping date: w/c 4 June 2015

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1. Chatham Rise - Dawn
2. Chatham Rise - Meadowsweet
3. Chatham Rise - How Do You Sleep
4. Chatham Rise - Eventide
5. thelightshines - Hanging Around (Famous Times version)
6. thelightshines - Sunshine In My Head
7. thelightshines - To Fall Into Your Arms
8. thelightshines - Meditations On Death

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Tracks 1 - 4: All songs by Chatham Rise. Mixed by Mark Gardener. Mastered by Andrew Rose.
Tracks 5 - 8: All songs by Sam Ferman. Tracks 6 & 8 mixed by Sam Ferman. Track 5 mixed by Sean Read at Famous Times. Track 7 mixed by Brian O'Shaughnessy at Bark Studio. Mastered by Andrew Rose.