We Are The Sun - LP

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We Are The Sun - LP


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We Are The Sun LP
Chatham Rise / thelightshines

Split 12" LP with Chatham Rise
Expected shipping date: w/c 4 June 2015

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Side A - Chatham Rise
1. Dawn
2. Meadowsweet
3. How Do You Sleep
4. Eventide

Side B - thelightshines
1. Hanging Around (Famous Times version)
2. Sunshine In My Head
3. To Fall Into Your Arms
4. Meditations On Death

Customers wishing to ship to North America should purchase the record directly from Picture In My Ear Records here in order to save on shipping costs.

Side A: All songs by Chatham Rise. Mixed by Mark Gardener. Mastered by Andrew Rose.
Side B: All songs by Sam Ferman. Tracks 2 & 3 mixed by Sam Ferman. Track 1 mixed by Sean Read at Famous Times. Track 3 mixed by Brian O'Shaughnessy at Bark Studio. Mastered by Andrew Rose.